1. To quote Buffett: “Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.”

    I really wish people understood the value of long term relationships in business. There’s more to it than just money. Skimming/treating business partners badly isn’t certainly a good way to build success on the long run. Eventually it’s going to bite back.

    Nice video btw!

  2. Yup, I used to work in a consulting company and I have seen this happen all too many times.
    This is especially rampant in off-shoring because both salesmen and clients think that the only factor to compete is the cost.
    This is a fallacy – like everywhere else there are good off-shoring companies and bad off-shoring companies and the good ones don’t compete on the cost alone…

  3. Agency of record comes to mind after reading this post – the idea is the agency becomes a partner to the business, understands their business model and how they create revenue on a deeper level and then the creative agency can bring better and more on target ideas to the table every time that really drive revenue for the company. I worked at an international ad firm and did not have one agency of record account in four years that I knew of. the ones that were agency of record stopped working exclusively with us after year one and hired multiple agencies.

  4. Mr. Nance do you work where I do? Or do you have a degree in mind reading? This idea of “Free Work for Sale” must be an industry standard.

    I constantly here about the word exposure or “it’s good for business.” Sorry, but the last time I checked getting our paychecks late or violating ERISA doesn’t exactly equate to “good business.”

    It just seems with the sluggish economy, over zealous executives, and clients who want more bang for their buck free work is expected and most of the time demanded.

    If only they would understand the time, money, and effort it still takes to produce so-called “Free Work.”

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