Mobile Coupons are on the Rise

Why Mobile Coupons
Coupon use is on the rise. Businesses issued 367 billion coupons last year and consumers redeemed 3.3 billion. Redemption grew by 27% in 2009.~The Nielsen Company

The redemption of internet coupons is leading this trend, rising 263% in 2009.~The Nielsen Company

When it comes to measuring market performance, digital coupons have proven to have a greater effect on purchase intent, awareness, memory retention, and emotional engagement.~The Nielsen Company

Right now, paper coupons account for the bulk of coupons distributed and redeemed. This is changing radically though.

Why Now
The number of consumers who can use mobile coupons is growing by leaps and bounds. The use of mobile devices for connecting to the Web is outpacing personal computers. Today, the majority of coupons are distributed in Sunday newspapers. But, U.S. newspaper circulation has hit its lowest level in seven decades and is projected to continue to decline.~The Washington Post

By 2013, mobile phones will overtake the PC as the most common Web access device worldwide.~Gartner

Currently, 58% of online consumers own a mobile phone capable of connecting to the Web.~PriceGrabber

By 2011, over 85% of new handsets will be able to access the mobile Web.~Gartner

And in 2011, over 87 billion dollars in sales will be generated by 3 billion mobile coupons.~Juniper Research

The trends are clear. The preferred channel for coupon distribution is going away. Consumers are using more coupons. Mobile access to coupons will be omnipresent and in the new future, billions of dollars will be spent creating and distributing coupons on mobile devices.


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