Google is useless. It only gives answers.

I think Google is useless. It only gives answers. If you know your Picasso, I am steeling his “Computers are useless. They can only give answers” statement. Now, I don’t think Google is completely useless, but it depends on what you are looking for. If you’re looking for a creative solution, a search engine is not going to help you. Your results are only as good as the questions you ask. Ask a dumb question, get a dumb answer. Garbage in garbage out, as the old programmers say.

Computers aren’t creative or intelligent. They are just another tool. Like any instrument, in the hands of the experienced they can make beautiful things happen. But, many times when you read any article about being creative they will tell you to first get off the computer. And I mostly agree with that. You need to query your own brain to get a good question. And those result depends on your creative intelligence and experience.

Answers are less interesting than the questions anyway. Once you ask the right question, the answer is just a matter of research and time. A truly creative solution comes from a truly creative question. There’s no chicken and egg puzzle here. A great answer comes from a great question.

I was mainly thinking about this after a previous blog I had written about how some people positions themselves as experts after obviously spending just a few minutes online. It’s true; the availability of information is great. Anyone can just look a few things up and have an opinion. But, is it a good opinion? Is it a creatively inspired opinion that was derived from asking interesting questions?

I love how Google can help me research, but it’s one of many tools I use. However, I will never use an answer tool when what I need is a good question.


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  1. I asked the same question several different ways to try and get the answer I was looking for, most of them came from USA so I put in UK to my questions – still didn’t get ANY sort of reasonable answers

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