B2B Marketing, Emotional Or Not

I recently read an article that made a blanket statement that B2B marketing was logical and B2C was emotional.  I’ve equally worked on both in my career and it’s not so cut and dry.

Say you’re evaluating a SaaS. You’ve narrowed it down to three solutions that pretty much do the same thing. Who do you choose? Probably the one that makes you FEEL the most comfortable using. That’s called an emotion and it can make a real difference, especially among similar products and services. Trust can be gained through logical arguments, but trust is emotional and can be addressed from an emotional proposition. The main point here is that most decisions are made from making comparisons. Who stands out is often the one playing to your intellect and heart.

I’ve seen sales made with some awful presentations that stated opinions as facts and had no shred of logic to them. They looked logical, but if you were to start picking them apart, you’d realize there’s nothing of substance there. Yet they worked and were not logical.

I have also seen higher ups ignore logical arguments in favor of gut opinion. They will say things like, “there’s just something about it that doesn’t feel right”, if you even get that much out of them.

What about fear. Fear isn’t logical, but you can make all kinds of logical arguments to stir it up. If I propose a solution and follow it up with saying, if you use our competitor you risk blah, blah, blah. Isn’t that both logical and emotional.

The head and the heart work together to make decisions. Marketing, no matter what kind, should proposition logical arguments wrapped up in emotional packages.


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